Membership At Kislingbury

We are always looking to recruit new members to the sport be they novices or experienced players. Applicants can be of either gender aged from 8 years and upwards.

Bowling is no longer looked on as a sport for the retired and elderly and we are finding that more and more youngsters who fight shy of physical sports find the game of bowls well suited to them.

We also of course welcome the more senior applicants but should you be an absolute novice we have a team of instructors prepared to coach you in the skills of the game.

As a member of Kislingbury you would be expected after a short time to support the club and its captains by making yourself available for the friendly matches.

The clubs main source of income is realised from revenue raised at matches played against other clubs in and around the County.

Applicants do not have to commit straight away as "taster" sessions are available for applicants to "have a go" they can then decide whether the sport is for them or not.


Then please contact our club secretary

Mr. Kevin Mawson. Tel. 01604 891011