Competition Rules 2016

Singles Competitions.

In all singles competitions it is up to the top named player to contact his/her opposition and offer three dates prior to, but can include the play by date on which the games has to be played. The top named player is also responsible for

Booking a rink and

Arranging a marker (Most Important).


Please, would you not ask for extensions to the play by dates, kindly let your opposition know if you are going on holiday, and don't forget you can always arrange substitutes for your league games.


Team Competitions.

(Pairs & Triples)

In the men's pairs first named player of the team must play skip in all of the rounds. In all triples competitions the remaining two players can decide between themselves in what position they want to play. The lead & second do not have to play in these positions in every round but must continue in this position once the game has started.

This rule does NOT apply to any of the ladies pairs competitions.



       In Pairs, Triples and Fours, the players taking part in the first game shall constitute the team and shall normally play together throughout the Competition. 

            One additional, and the same player, may be used as a substitute at any time provided they have not already played in the Championship.

They may play in any position.


The Mixed & Mens Triples competitions are played on set dates. You do not have to contact your opposition. You do have the option if needed and if both teams agree to play their round prior to the play on date, but certainly no later than the play on date.

It is a good idea to contact your team mates prior to the game being played to give them a reminder.

Those teams actually playing on the play on date will be allocated their rink by a draw carried out by the competition secretary’s.




In the event of a game being abandoned due to inclement weather,  

If 10 ends have been played, this will constitute as a game having been played. 

If a game has to be abandoned because of inclement weather prior to 10 ends being played, the game will continue on another day or, if possible later that day at the point where the game was abandoned.


 In all competitions if you are having difficulty arranging dates please

let us know.


Any queries contact either

Ladies Competition Secretary or.

Gentleman's Competition Secretary

Contact details can be found on KBC Members Page


In any dispute the Competition Secretary’s decision is final.