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Have a Go

Lawn Bowls is an enjoyable sport for people of all ages and abilities.

The sport is played around the world by juniors and adults and of any gender. It is probably the only sport in which an an 8 year old can play an 80+ year old and the odds are even. Recent changes to both the clothing worn and the colourful bowls that can now be used have added to the attraction of this now modern sport.

There are many aspects of bowls to attract different types of player.

The shear fun of rolling a bowl down the green and see it turn towards its target. The tactics of when to defend, when to consolidate your position, and when to attack with a fast strike. Playing as a team so that you can learn and progress at your own pace, and the pleasure of good company enjoying a sport in the fresh air.

Lawn bowls is an inexpensive sport to start in and here at Kislingbury Bowls Club we would love to invite you to have a go and we will happily provide the bowls and equipment during your session.

Our 'Open Days' are every Sunday in May (10.30am - 1.30pm), and Sunday 30th May (10.30am - 7pm)

Coaching is available - all you need to bring is a pair of flat soled shoes or trainers. 

If you decide to join the club as a novice bowler then your first years membership fee will be £30. You can try out different weights and sizes of bowls, held by the club, so that when you are ready to buy some bowls you have an idea of the type you prefer. Secondhand bowls, to get you started, are widely available, and will cost approx £50, and will last a lifetime. A set of four new coloured bowls will cost between £200 - £300.