Kislingbury Bowls Club History


We know that there was a bowls club in Kislingbury in the 1930's, situated behind The Chase in Mill Lane. We have minutes for February 1935. This club foldedin 1953 when shortage of fixtures and cost of maintaining the green proved too much for the declining membership.


In 1971 four village men started to teach themselves to play bowls. Joined by eight others those twelve founder members, Horace Homer, Graham Collins, Robin Davis, Geoff Hammersley, Harold Collins, Dick Collins, Jack Archer, Terry Warren, John Donnelly, Reg Collett, Harold Heeler, and Harold Thornton joined the Delapre League, where they enjoyed some success.


Due to a dispute concerning the league winners one year, this team withdrew from the league and some of their number expressed disappointment that the village did not have a bowling green. As the Kislingbury Playing Field was by then established, a request was made for enough ground for a green and club house, and on November 11th 1977 the Playing Field Association allocated land for that purpose with permission for the green to be laid.


Work on the green started on May 1st 1978 with many local members sceptical that the project would ever be completed. But, with hard work, enormous commitment from members every weekend for two years, and without professional help, the green was completed and ready for play by the start of the 1980 season.


From that time on the club operated from a collection of second hand buildings. In 1995 a Lottery Grant was obtained and this plus the generosity of members enabled the original permanent building to be opened in 1996. With further generosity from members the building was extended and the workshop and machinery store opened in 2004, completing the excellent facilities the members now enjoy.